GPEC (Global Phase Equilibrium Calculations) is a free scientific software to obtain phase equilibrium diagrams and other thermodynamic plots for binary fluid systems, as calculated with equations of state. It can be helpful for educational, academic or development purposes.

It is based on methods and algorithms developed primarily by the Phd in Chemical Engineering Martin Cismondi in collaboration with Prof. Michael Michelsen from the Technical University of Denmark and Dr. Marcelo Zabaloy from the UNS-PLAPIQUI.

Until the moment, no other software is known with the same capabilities or equivalent, so GPEC has a growing community of users, in most of Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America, belonging not only to academic institutions and research, but also to industries.

This new version, which is free to download, features a revamped interface, interactive visualization of 3D charts and global export publication quality graphics, and other features.

Some of its features are the following:

- Easy to use.
- Interactive 3D visualization
- 2D visualization of different projections of the global phase equilibrium diagram (univariant lines like critical, azeotropic or LLVE)
- Automated generation of isothermal (Pxy), isobaric (Txy) or isoplethic phase equilibrium diagrams.
- Availability of five different equation of state modeling options.
- and much more!


Diagrams and screenshots

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Here you can download the User Guide for this release.